Overnight trip from Finland to Bugøynes

Saariselkä, Ivalo and Inari in Finnish Lapland are a haven for nature enthusiasts seeking Northern Lights and the thrill of snow-covered landscapes in Winter. Or hiking, fishing and the magic of the Midnight sun in Summer. While Lapland itself offers a variety of activities, a trip to Bugøynes, a charming fishing village by the Arctic Ocean, will add an extra layer of Nordic allure to your Arctic adventure.

Departure from Saariselkä, Ivalo or Inari

The journey begins early in the morning as you embark on a picturesque drive from Saariselkä to Bugøynes. You can hop on board also from Ivalo or Inari! The route takes you through magical landscapes on a windy road among hundreds of lakes, offering glimpses of nature’s grandeur. As you cross the border into Norway, the scenery transforms, showcasing the unique beauty of the Arctic region. The drives duration is approximately 4h.

Bugøynes: A Fishing Village by the Arctic Ocean

Bugøynes is characterized by its colorful wooden houses, surrounded by the stunning backdrop of the Arctic Ocean. The village is known for its rich history with fishing, king crab and Finnish cultural heritage. Bugøynes was also one of the few villages that was not burnt down during the Second World War. The locals take great pride in preserving their Finnish cultural roots and this is the reason why Bugøynes is still called Little Finland.

Activities in Bugøynes

  1. Embark on a King Crab Safari: Enjoy a trip out to sea to check out our crab pots. During the tour we learn about the king crab and if we are lucky we might spot also seals, eagles and porpoises.
  2. King crab lunch: After getting back on land we will enjoy a plentiful king crab lunch – freshly caught from the sea!
  3. Stroll around the village: Take a leisurely stroll around the village. Visit the beach and harbor, the local shop and Elsa´s gallery. The air is crisp, and the sound of seagulls adds to the maritime ambiance.
  4. Meet the Locals: Bugøynes is a tight-knit community, and the locals are known for their hospitality. Strike up a conversation and learn about their way of life.
  5. Enjoy a Sauna & Arctic bathing: A trip to Bugøynes must always include a sauna and and a swim in the Arctic Ocean! We guarantee that this is an activity you will never forget so be sure to pack your swimsuit along! Arctic bathing is considered very healthy decreasing stress and helping blood flow.

Sleep comfortably in cozy rooms

After a long day it is nice to settle down in our Hedvig Hus Guesthouse. The house has private rooms with shared kitchen, living room and bathrooms. The day has been eventful and after the hot and cold treatment of the sauna you will feel nothing but relaxed.

The Journey Back

After breakfast it is time to embark on the return journey back to Saariselkä. Reflect on the unique experiences and memories created during this day trip, knowing that you’ve explored not only the Finnish Lapland but also ventured into the captivating landscapes of northern Norway.

A day trip from Saariselkä to Bugøynes offers a perfect blend of nature, culture, and adventure, making it an unforgettable addition to your Arctic escapade.


5900NOK/person for minimum 4 persons

Price includes:
  • return transfers from Saariselkä
  • King Crab safari with crab lunch
  • Sauna & Arctic bathing at Barents Sauna Camp
  • 1 night accommodation in Hedvig House in twin rooms
  • Breakfast

Supplement for single room is 400nok

Tour availability:
  • 15.2.-30.10.  according to availability and weather
  • Please note that the king crab safari is weather dependent as we go out to sea. If the weather is bad we can replace the tour to the crab pots with a visit the Norway King Crab factory and later enjoy a King Crab Plate in Bistroen!
  • Please note: we have separate dressing rooms for girls and boys but the sauna is a mixed sauna, so please bring a swimsuit with you!
We reserve the right to make any changes.




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