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Bugøynes Bistro

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“Serving local food with passion.”

Known among the locals as “Bistroen”. Our restaurant was established in 2015, and we specialize in homey dishes, by using local ingredients.

Our menu contains delicacies from the Barents Sea and nearby areas.

Many people travel a long way to eat our local speciality; king crab.

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Opening hours:



10.00am – 8.00pm


12.00noon – 8.00pm


Kitchen closes at 7pm

Restaurant closes at 8pm

Bistroens Breakfast:
Mondays-Sundays: 9.00am – 10.00am
(pre-bookings needed)

Available during the Summer & Autumn season 

Our menu


Light & Fresh

Bistro's salad

Salad, tomato, celery, corn, sweet pepper, marinated mushrooms, sun-dried tomato, radish, feta, cheese, mayonnaise based sauce and croutons.

Contains mik, egg, celery, wheat

NOK 110.00

(Main course NOK 180)

Bistro's king crab salad with mangosalsa

Contains egg, milk, wheat, celery and crab

NOK 195

(Main course NOK 300)

Bistro's salad with cold smoked salmon

Contains milk, wheat, egg, celery and fish

NOK 145

(Main course NOK 220)

Viking plank with nordic tastes

Cold smoked blue hallibut, cold smoked whale, reindeer, steamed king crab, cold smoked salmon mousse, lingonberry, marinated mushroom, marinated red onion, baked mini potato and mango salsa.

Contains fish, crab and milk(L)

NOK 295

Bistro's fish soup

Served with our home-baked bread.

Contains milk(L), fish and celery .

NOK 120

(Main course NOK 215)

Garlic bread

NOK 25


NOK 12



Oven baked potato with party stuffing and bacon

Potato, partymix cream, bacon and green salad.

Contains egg, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes and milk.

NOK 160

Bacalao el Bistroen

Clippfish, potatoes, onion, garlic, paprika, celery, ginger, tomatoes, olives and fried bacon.

Contains fish and celery

NOK 360

King crab plate

King crab, green salad, roasted garlic bread, mangosalsa and garlic mayonese.

Contains shellfish, milk (L), wheat flour (G), egg.

NOK 760


Reideerfilet sliced, prepared in creme fresh, served with boatpotatoes and salad

Contains milk (L), celery.

NOK 390

Slow roasted Reindeer shank

Served with mashed potatoes, roasted root vegetables, rich red wine sauce and cranberries.

Contains milk(L).

NOK 435

Fried pollock

Mashed potatoes, fried onion and wok made with seasonal vegetables.

Contains fish, wheat flour (G), milk (L), leek, mustard seeds, celery, sesame seeds and soya.

NOK 295

Grilled clipfish

Potato, carrot, green pea stew and bacon.

Contains shallots and fish

NOK 415

Whaleman´s stew

Fried whalemeat in creamy sauce, mashed potato. Served with lingonberries and pickles.

Contains celery, wheat flour (G) and milk (L).

NOK 305

Whale steak

Fried whale steak, mushroom, potato terrine, fried red onion with thyme. Served with lingonberries and créme fraiche.

Contains celery, eggs and milk (L).

NOK 410

Vegan option

NOK 265

Kids menu

Choose between fishcake(fish, milk(L)), sausages or meatballs (Wheat) served with mashed potatoes. Contains milk(L).

NOK 165



Creme brulee with cloudberries

Contains egg and milk(L)

NOK 135

Bistros pavlova

Fresh berries and fruit with caramel sauce and whipped cream with meringue.

Contains egg and milk(L)

NOK 120

Bistro's chocolate fondant

Served warm with vanilla icecream and raspberry jam.

Contains egg, wheat flour (G) and milk (L)

NOK 135

Applemuffins with vanilla ice

Served warm with the old fashioned vanilla icecream

NOK 80

Bistro's pastry

Please ask the waitress for the days offer

NOK 70



Red Wine


White Wine













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