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Bugøynes is a small fishing village located in northern Norway locating on the gleaming shores of Varangerfjord. It is known as a wonderful destination for excursions, its unique and relaxed atmosphere, and its hospitality.  Explore, meditate, pick seashells from the village shores. Kirkenes and the Finnish border is only 1h drive away.

Visit Bugøynes is a small travel company run by Trond Høiberget and his family since 2015. The aim is to offer you the best of Bugøynes with genuinity and an open heart. We offer local delicacies from the Barents Sea in our acclaimed Restaurant Bistroen. We can also take you out to sea to catch the famous king crabs. The ones hoping to catch fish can rent stable and safe boats from us with an affordable rental fee. If you wish to stay the night or longer, we offer clean and comfortable accommodation in Hedvig House, which is only 50m from our restaurant. A very special experience you can try in Bugøynes is to enjoy our wood-heated Sauna and swim in the Ice Sea! In all our services quality is key.

The best thing about our village is its small size, its surrounding arctic nature and the peace it will offer you. Breathe in the fresh sea air and just relax. Our little village will take care of the rest.




We can offer accommodation in rooms at the Hedvig house, located in the heart of the village. 700NOK/night.

Boat rental

Boat rental

We have 2 boats for rent that you can use for fishing. The boats have room for 3-4 people each, and are equipped with steering wheels and echo sounders.



Our menu includes delicacies from the Barents sea and nearby areas.



Our sauna camp is located by the sea shore, 2 km before the village of Bugøynes. We have two saunas to offer. One small and one large.



Go out and learn to catch the crabs with a local guide, and then return to the Bistro, where you will be served your own catch.


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